Plataran X Trail Menjangan 2018

Plataran L'Harmonie - West Bali National Park | 6 October 2018


Plataran L’Harmonie is truly a destination by its own. An Integrated Eco-Development Area in West Bali National Park, with a total area of 382 hectares and a beach line of 7km. It is a sanctuary for the Bali Starling, a World Heritage Endangered Bird Species.

The West Bali National Park, located at the northwestern tip of Bali, was established in 1941 to protect the area’s rich flora and fauna, most notably the endangered Bali Starling bird. Its dense biodiversity encompasses many distinct ecosystems – from primary monsoon, mangrove and lowland rain forests, to savanna and seagrass landscapes, as well as shallow and deep-sea waters with sandy beaches and coral reefs.