Plataran X Trail 2018 in West Bali National Park is a genuine trail run with a mixture of forest paths, beach, hill slopes, and rainforest single trail. There will be very little tarmac road or concrete in the final race course. Elevation gain in West Bali NP is only moderate, but there are a few hills to be negotiated in the beginning of the course.  These add spice to the race and will offer some breathtaking views of the coastal area. Brief, this is a runnable course in a very beautiful setting that will appeal to trail lovers of all levels. Please note that while the cut-off time is generous, hiking the whole course will not be feasible within the given timeframe.


  • 70 KM for experienced runners
  • 30 KM for beginning and intermediate level runners
  • 7.2 KM Fun Run for family & beginning runners

The races are open for Male & Female runners, both Domestic and International.

The 70 km is a points race for the 2018 Asia Trail Master Championship, and for the ATM Grandmaster Quest (details see

Time Table

All races will have start and finish at the Plataran L’Harmonie.

Provisional Times:

  • 04:30: Start of 70 K
  • 06:30: Start of 30K
  • 09.00: Start of Fun Run
  • 15.00: Winners Ceremony Award
  • 17:00: Cut-off Time All Races





REFRESHMENT STATIONS. On top of a comprehensive station at the event arena, there will be at least 5 refreshment stations with drinks & snacks/fruit on the 70K course, and at least 2 on the 30K.  More details coming soon.

TIME KEEPING. All races will be timed electronically via chip by RTS. There will be an online leaderboard so you can track the race leaders and your favourite runner(s).

TIMING CHECKPOINTS. On the 70K there will be timing checkpoints including cut-off timing points .

FIRST AID / MEDICAL SERVICE. All refreshment stations will be equipped with first aid services and attended by medical staff. Nevertheless, all runners are advised to carry basic first aid items (bandages, anti-infection lotion, salt tablets, etc.) along by themselves.


All runners in the 70K and 30k races need to carry the following items throughout the race for safety reasons. There will be checks. Failure to produce these items will result in penalty time, or if the check is performed at the start, a disqualification. This is for your safety.

Mandatory 70K & 30K

  • Minimum 1 litre of water or energy drink supply
  • food, snacks, fruit, gels or bars
  • a personal drinking cup (= there will be no cups at refreshment stations)
  • survival blanket or wind-proof jacket
  • Mobile phone with local number
  • Waste bag
  • Whistle
  • Head lamp for starters on 70K

Non-Mandatory / Recommended

  • Proper trail running shoes for extra grip
  • running cap
  • sun block / lotion
  • rainproof jacket
  • sun glasses
  • running gloves
  • sweatband
  • first aid kit
  • salt and magnesium tablets