Before you register for the Plataran X Trail in West Bali NP, please read through these bullet points:

  • To take part in the Plataran X Trail,  runners are required to sign up by themselves within the announced timeframe and preferably via our online form produced by Race Timing Solutions.
  • All participants are required to provide valid personal information such as Name, Gender, ID number or passport number, Birthdate and nationality as it is written on their ID card or passport
  • Your registration is personal and cannot be transferred to any other person
  • Only if places are still available, it will be possible to sign up for the races also at Plataran L ‘Harmonie on Friday, 5 October at a surcharge of USD 10 and without guarantees to receive the correct size of event T shirt
  • Plataran X Trail is a cross country or trail running challenge with timing via electronic chip. Three distances are on offer: 70 km, 30 km and 7.2 km. Both professional runners and amateur or recreational athletes are allowed to take part
  • Each registered participant is required to collect his or her race bag at the event’s race office at Plataran L’ Harmonie on Friday, 5 October. The bag will contain a number bib, electronic time-keeping chip, deposit bag number, event T-shirt, sponsor gifts, promotional event material
  • A third party can collect a participant’s race bag on his or her behalf, provided a print-out of the email registration confirmation and a copy of the participants’ ID card can be shown

Health & insurance

  • Participants are required to be in proper and healthy condition to start this race, and will sign a statement saying so upon collecting the number bib at the event’s race office. Plataran declines all liability if health problems are experienced during the event. Runners take part at their own risk.
  • Runners with a relevant medical history or allergies are expected to mention this in the comment box on the registration form as a precautionary measure
  • The event organisation committee will purchase insurances for the registered athletes until one week before the start of the event, based on the correct information provided. Hence, participants are required to fill in the registration form in correct fashion. Otherwise, the insurance may decline your claim.
  • People who still wish to sign up last-minute for the competition on-site are required to arrange their own insurance cover.
  • Registered participants who obtain injury or any other health hazard during the event shall follow the official insurance procedure. Plataran will not be required to pay any medical treatment fee in advance.
  • Each participant must read through the full specific event regulations and guidelines, which will be posted on the website and at the event’s race office in Plataran L’ Harmonie. If anything is unclear, please address your question to our staff or at . By starting the race, you are deemed to accept the race regulations
  • Force majeure: Plataran and/or the local event organization committee is authorized to shorten race distances or cancel the event due to unforeseen or exceptional circumstances that jeopardize the security of the event or the safety of its participants.

Cancellation policy

  • Applying for refund before 1 September 2018: 80% of the registration fee and Optional Services fees will be refunded to the participants who cancel
  • Applying for refund between 1 September 2018 and 15 September 2018: 50% of the registration fee and of the Optional Services fees will be refunded to the participants who cancel.
  • Applying for refund after 15 September 2018: no refund application for registration fee and optional services will be accepted by the organizing committee
  • Refund for medical reasons: 80% of the registration fee and Optional Service fees will be refunded at all times against proper medical documentation before 29 September 2018. On and after 29 September 2018 no refund application for medical reasons can still be accepted.