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Plataran X Trail is an annual and international trail running event that caters to runners of all levels and sheds a bright spotlight on environmental consciousness and sustainability. The event will continuously be designed with a different cause every year, aimed to increase awareness and educate the public regarding the Indonesian nature and environment.


The form of CSR will build stronger branding and positioning for your company as a sustainably responsible brand, in support of the government’s mission in the areas of education, awareness, and conservation of nature. Furthermore, your company will gain branding exposure through both print and digital channels throughout Plataran X Trail networks, leading to an international level of brand recognition and awareness.


Your company support in this international sports event will affirm your company’s contribution for the awareness of nature conservation, tourism development and social development for Indonesia and Indonesians.

Sponsorship Benefits

As a sponsor of Plataran X Trail, your company will automatically get the benefits as mentioned previously in the reasons why you should support Plataran X Trail.
With Plataran X Trail being a national event with international standards that brings participants from Indonesia and across the world who support our concern for environmental sustainability, it is more than just a running event – it is a chance to give back to the community and create positive and sustainable change for the environment. Moreover, this is an opportunity to build a positive brand profiling though creating impact in the aspects of social and economics, which is also acknowledged by the government.

Complimentary participant registration fee and discount of 40% for:
Accommodation for Participants
Transportation, as scheduled
Meal during race

Inclusions in all marketing collaterals: Website, brochure, banners, posters, backdrop, media distribution including print media, online media and digital media.
Brochure distribution during event
Stand booth during event

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